Cosmos Group is a young and dynamic company established in 2012. We have the experience in fruits and vegetables and know-how of the logistic for the fresh industry.

The combined experience of our and the market has provided us the resources and detailed knowledge required to deal with the varying and sometimes challenging demands of our customers both quickly and efficiently with our freshest products, making us growing in the export through different markets worldwide.

We are constantly seeking progress and enjoy taking on new challenges. This has gained us an unparalleled reputation in the market for forward-thinking.


In our commitment to continue providing our clients with the best possible service. This ascertains that the customers get what is required when it is with no room for error.

Attention to smalls aspects has always remained foremost on our list of priorities. We carry our rigorous quality assurance procedures that deal with all aspects.

We are assertive that however, specific your requirements, we will carry on the task competitively, efficiently and to the very best of our ability.

We are collaborating with various growers from Poland, Italy, Spain, Portugal, Greece, France, Belgium, Holland and Egypt and distribute their products in the Middle Eastern, Asian and African countries.



To preserve the freshness and quality of fruits and vegetable as well as give them a chance to deliver the finest taste and aroma they need to be kept in appropriate temperature and storage conditions, by delaying natural ripening.

This process is initially achieved by reducing the temperature of the product to the lowest level possible without causing chilling injury. At this point, the controlling of the atmosphere can be initiated.

Cosmos Warehousing has a cold storage facility along with more complex conditions when handling refrigerated and frozen inventory. We have at our disposal a total of 7100m2 of cross-docking and warehousing capacity on a strategic location near to Warsaw, Poland.

You can count on us for value-added services for warehouse and cold storage facilities, our warehouse counts with modern and high-quality storage rooms, adjusting to your specific needs and conditions.

Our services:


Supply chains are becoming longer and more complex, sometimes covering several continents. The right choice of logistic services can determine the quality and price of fresh produce.

Fresh produce handling and logistics are essentially two sides of the same coin. If costs are unclear, it is impossible to set a price.

Cosmos Logistics provides smarter, enhance, and fast logistics services, business are responding to new opportunities and relationships with sales markets are changing. The market trade requires ever more workable logistics solutions, and food safety and quality control criteria are becoming severer.

Shipments and interim storage are seen as a critical link in the logistics chain. These activities are conducted with the utmost care and precision, under the correct temperature-controlled conditions and the supervision of our own experienced team.Our logistic center offers a wide range of options and tailor-made solutions.


By listening to our customers, we aim to develop and extend the range, nature and quality of our services and through investment in training of our staff, empower them to meet the ever increasing demands of our customers, our offer includes, air freight, ocean freight, trucks and rail.


Fruit and vegetables require special treatment; it is the only way we can guarantee the freshness and quality of your products.

By continuously developing our machines and work methods, we make confirm our leading position in the fruit and vegetable sector.

We package your fruit and vegetables to meet your exact requirements.

Our warehouse has no boundaries and enables us to package with different packaging systems, such as netlon, girsac, flow pack, vertbag, etc. Do you have other packing requirements or a deviating frequency? Please do not hesitate to contact us! We are flexible and want to help you achieve your goal because the packaging options are endless.

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